#ocTEL Week 3

Take the perspective of a learner and spend some time using:

I looked at http://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/philosophy which was very clearly structured and, for as far as I watched it, maintained my focus with its range of different uses of  explanatory media (speech, image, media activity and so on).  Also, the post video interaction possibilities are designed to further engage the learner, offering opportunities for authentic discussion, and hence learning.


I selected this example: http://waterlife.nfb.ca/#/ and, actually, it is very lovely (well, with music by Eno what else could it be!) but, as a ‘user’, I was very passive.  It could do with working on aspects of its accessibility too!  Nonetheless, I can see that for some learners with cognitive impairments this might be a very good way to introduce a subject, or discussion around a subject.


I chose to ‘Play the Virtual Patient’.  We use this approach for some CPD at college and that, I think, is its proper role.  It is extremely useful for training (as opposed to learning) and generally popular with staff.  Although the user must make decisions along the way, ultimately, regardless of their decisions, all roads will lead to Rome, that is, to the required destination point.  However, when I have completed training of this nature, I generally race through the screens to get to the end, where I know I will find some summative testing – the sooner I can get that done, the sooner I’ve completed my ‘learning’.


Really … horses for courses!






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