#ocTEL Week 3 – Materials & Platforms for Learning Technology (#ocTEL)



Explorer Activity 3.5: Evaluating a resource in your area

As I am not currently in a teaching position, I have used the questions above to discuss an on-line repository (developed by specialist colleges) for easy read and accessible adult focused resources for teaching and learning for use by learners with a range of learning difficulties. Specialist colleges working with post 16 learners who have learning difficulties and very low levels of literacy find it difficult to find adult appropriate resources for a range of learning themes critical for independence and personal development and so http://www.ark-hive.co.uk/ was developed to help to address these problems. As can be seen on the site, learners can feed in comments and rate each resource against a set of criteria. The resources include visual, kinaesthetic and auditory materials and are categorised in such a way that quick searching accommodates the location of resources pertaining to both subject matter and pedagogical approach. Resources, which can be created and assessed by both staff and students, provide a copyright-free resource bank.


The impact of the provision of resources which are appropriate for learners both chronologically and developmentally, and which also meet specific learning needs, will be to greatly contribute to enhanced learner understanding of the subject matter. In order to achieve this, all resources undergo quality assurance where the following criteria are applied to all submitted resources:


Adult Focussed (post-16 age group) resources based on chronological rather than developmental age

Content Quality clear, unbiased, and accurate

Presentation Design not college specific/branded; consistent fonts; consideration of colour schemes; good quality audio and video

Accessibility single colour, plain background; clear fonts, suitably sized

Standards Compliance  as per site copyright/terms and license; no unauthorised screen grabs



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