#ocTEL Week 5 – Leadership, Management & Keeping on Track

Who were your stakeholders?

The Project in question aimed to provide a web-based resource sharing tool.  This was primarily aimed at teaching staff but the focus of the project was on the creation of the resource.

What resources were used?

Self-created resources as part of the project.

How clear/achievable was the project plan?

Very clear and very achievable in terms of resource creation, less clear regarding how to get teaching staff to actually use the end product.  We had assumed they would be pleased to have such a resource and had not taken into account an unwillingness to share ‘their’ resources.

What methods did you use to evaluate your project?

A varied selection but, crucially, none which included end user uptake!

How did you measure project success?

Creation of the project resource and measurement of its use.

Did you celebrate your success and did this encourage further developments?

Yes we did, both internally and externally, but whilst this resulted in some minor, and temporary, external use, there was no uptake internally from teaching staff.


From the outset, the project should have focussed on the end users, as much as the resource creation.  Had this been built into the project design it may be that greater success would have been achieved in user buy-in to the resulting resources.


Explorer Activity 5.7: Student involvement in TEL (how students in your institution engage with and influence TEL developments)

All TEL developments are initiated through the lens of what benefits they will bring to students.  It is student need which drives such developments.  However, with students who have a range of learning difficulties and cognitive impairments, it is often difficult to ensure their true understanding of project information, and project ideas rarely come from the students themselves.  That said, students are included in all subsequent stages of project work.  This includes user testing, product development, and the provision of both formative and summative feedback.  Inclusion into project work holds value for the students in many ways, not least their perception of its value and status.



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