Pre-set Flight Path and Magic Flying Carpets

For our first attempt at using a pre-set flight path, we (@axessibility and @FernFaux) limited ourselves to 3 waypoints. These were set 100 feet from each other and, for test purposes, this was a suitable distance. However, we had not thought about entering altitude settings! Fortunately, the default setting was 98 feet, which was absolutely fine, and this oversight only really became apparent when, having completed the flight, the drone remained hovering in the air above us! Briefly, I wondered how much flying time the drone had left before it would run out of power, though that would mean an inevitable crash landing which would not be great from a 98 feet height! In moments of desperation the brain seems to kick into a higher gear. This was such a moment and I suddenly remembered the ‘S1’ switch, which took the drone out of automatic flight and back into manual control, where we were then able to land it. I think this is known as making sure you know how to stop the magic flying carpet before you climb aboard … this lesson has now been learned! The biggest problem we encountered was that the iPad was not retaining the cached maps – we still don’t know why … This meant that the only way to use the DJI App for the pre-set flight path was for @axessibility to tether the iPad to his own ‘phone. This is far from ideal and is the next problem we need to resolve.  As can be seen in the video, although the drone held up well against the 35MPH gusts of wind, the video footage was affected by it.


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