About Me



My workplace has recently undergone a restructuring whereby ILT and IT Systems have merged into one department. Over the coming year I will be providing support on an ad hoc basis to ensure IT staff understand the ILT requirements and have an appropriate skillset to manage this area going forward. I will continue to oversee some of the existing ILT platforms, such as Moodle. In my new role as Research Coordinator I need to ensure that both my research knowledge and technical knowledge are current. I will continue to seek opportunities for marrying technology with learning and living in both academic and non-academic environments.  My background is in teaching but increasingly my own area of interest became the use of IT in teaching and learning. My Master’s Degree looked at the use of ICT in the literacy development of SEN students and I extended that work through my PhD. Since then, I’ve been involved in a range of research projects, have completed The Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning  (#ocTEL) MOOC, and have gained CMALT accreditation.  I am on the Editorial Team of the Journal of Assistive Technologies  and also the Tizard Learning Disability Review



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