ocTEL Open Course in Technology Enhanced Learning

Week 0

#ocTEL Reflections for Activity 0.1 Big and little questionsWhilst I am a qualified teacher, I rarely teach these days as my job role focusses on supporting others in the application of technology to teaching and learning. So I don’t have any explicit ambitions for using ocTEL to develop my teaching, but I do hope it will enhance my knowledge sufficiently that I am then able to share what I learn with those who may be in a position to apply it. However, even that is unlikely as I work in a specialist college where learners are largely unable, for a variety of reasons, to take part in much online learning. But all knowledge is good knowledge! And for a long time I’ve wished I had an authentic reason to immerse myself in a MOOC and experience it first-hand so that I might better understand it – ocTEL now provides me with that authentic reason. My questions are a long way from being ground-breaking, but they work for me, and I imagine that is what this is all about. So, they are:

Big Question? How to blend diverse modes of communication (different platforms/social media etc.)
Small Question? What is it like to be an active member of a MOOC?

My initial thoughts are that even as someone practised in technology use (it is a very large part of my job role) I feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of this site, of the amount of content, by the range of technological platforms, and all that it draws in through various feeds. Learning to navigate this may well take some time, or perhaps it would be truer to say that feeling comfortable in navigating it may take some time – we shall see! But I have already enjoyed seeing different uses of technology, for example the fantastic Twitter map, and this is exactly the kind of thing I want to learn more about.

I certainly can’t tweet all of this so I suppose I’m now forced into using the blog I set up years ago and have never really used! Still, a Friday afternoon reflective writing session …I like this! (So long as the day job continues to allow time for it!).


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